Duration of the exhibition: 23 September – 5 November, 2023

Presentation: Dr. Johannes Birringer

Curator: Bodo Korsig


Gallery Puzić cordially invites you to its exhibition of works by Chikako Kato (paintings) and Andreas Hamacher (sculptures): This exhibition presents the works of two artists whose works could not seem to be more opposite, yet merge with each other in a fascinating way.


On the one hand, we have the sensitive, small-scale drawings of the talented Japanese painter Chikako Kato. Her artworks demonstrate an extraordinary sensitivity and a deep understanding of the nuances of life. In her works we explore the delicate boundaries of the feelings that connect us and at the same time separate us from one another. The small formats require the viewer to be particularly close in order to capture the fine details and emotions hidden in these drawings.


On the other hand, we have the sculptor Andreas Hamacher, who creates heavy steel objects. His works are monuments of strength and steadfastness. In the midst of these heavy and massive steel structures, he challenges the limits of matter itself. His art gives us the opportunity to explore stability and balance in contrast to the fragility and delicacy of the drawings.


Exploring Boundaries invites us to discover the contrasts and connections between these two artists. We are looking forward to your visit.


Photos: Gerhard Schaal